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About the Florida Agritourism Association (FATA)

Welcome to the official Operator website of the Florida Agritourism Association! Here you will find information about our association, services offered, agritourism news, and the resources needed to start your own agritourism business.

Agriculture is critical to Florida’s economy. The University of Florida has published research that Florida agriculture, natural resources and related industries provide 1,609,139 jobs and $76.5 billion in value added impacts annually. And when it comes to green acres, the State of Florida has nearly 24 million in forests, croplands and ranches – two thirds of Florida’s total land area.

The Florida Agritourism Association (FATA) is the state-wide organization that supports the growing agritourism market in Florida, which includes destinations such as working farms and ranches, u-pick fruit and vegetable operations, vineyards and wineries, specialty crops and products, and numerous other types of farms. We give visitors a place to play and help farmers add value to every acre.

If you haven’t become a member yet, here’s what you need to know. In Florida, tourism and agriculture are the top two industries. Agritourism is a new and exciting opportunity for farmers and ranchers everywhere. The Florida Agritourism Association is a state-wide organization dedicated to the promotion and expansion of agritourism throughout Florida.

Our association focuses on education, business development and marketing, and legislative advocacy. We are committed to advocating for agritourism operators and helping them promote and grow their business.