Happy Fall, Ya’ll!


Fall is time for fun on the Farm! Yes – it’s Florida and yes, it’s still over eighty-five degrees in many parts of the state, but that doesn’t mean Floridians don’t want to get their pumpkin spice groove on!  One of the best ways to do that is going with family and friends to a Florida agritourism farm. There are many choices for fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and crop mazes near you! In addition to family fun, many farms offer hands-on educational demonstrations and farm product tastings as part of their events and tours.

Agritourism offers the opportunity for Florida farms to provide added income for multi-generational and heritage agriculture properties so that they can continue to thrive in an era of increased pressure from development. When you support a family farm who hosts agritourism activities, you help to ensure that the next generation of Floridians will have access to the wonders of a rural and agrarian lifestyle that has been an important part of Florida’s economy for over 175 years.

For year-round information on Florida agritourism events – follow the Florida Agritourism Association at www.VisitFloridaFarms.com, on Facebook