Old McMicky’s Farm Honors Veterans

Over 700 People Came to Show Their Love and Appreciation to Purple Heart Medal Recipients and Gold Star Families at Old McMicky’s Farm Barns and Beer Craft Beer Festival November 12, 2021
Purple Heart Medal Recipients and Gold Star Families.
The video is 14 minutes – These men, women and families are worth it when you have the time.
Although we all have and are entitled to our different beliefs, we all sleep underneath their blanket of freedom and safety.
Please allow me to share a short story with you.
At the event we were also privileged to introduce everyone to Active Duty United States Marine Ivan Sears and his beautiful bride Sara, and announced their upcoming wedding under the farm’s “Mission I Do” program ( See video above ) Later that night John Vasalakis, the lead singer of the Stormbringer band, went up to Ivan and said “Thank You for Your Service”
With his grave injuries which he still deals with on a daily basis  Ivan responded ” You Are Worth It”
Those four words exemplified the Honor, Commitment, Class and Selflessness of Ivan and the men and women of our military.
If you were able to come out and enjoy the event, Thank You!
And thank you to the Stormbringer band for providing amazing entertainment.
If you were not able to make it out, we look forward to seeing you at our next Barns and Beer on April 1, 2022.
Great entertainment provided by the Soul Circus Cowboys. This event is outdoor & open-air Info & Tickets Facebook.com/Barns&Beer
Thank you for the privilege of your time.
Ralph Zuckerman
Old McMicky’s Farm