The Florida Agritourism Association appoints Lena Juarez as Acting Executive Director

We are saddened to announce that FATA Executive Director Ben Parks has been removed as a member and leader of our association due to pending legal matters that have been reported in the media. The board has responded swiftly by promoting FATA Vice President Lena Juarez as acting Executive Director of the association. Sarah Harris will serve as a director of FATA.

Mr. Parks has played a key role in the development of FATA and has served as a liaison between the organization and the agricultural community. The allegations that he faces are unrelated to his role with FATA.

Please be assured that the good work we have been doing on behalf of the Agritourism community will continue, including our most recent legislative efforts. Our activities at the state Capitol have been spearheaded by Ms. Juarez during the past two legislative sessions, and she has been a tremendous representative on behalf of FATA. We look forward to announcing great news about HB 59 as soon as next week.

If you have any questions about the board’s actions, please contact FATA President Lisa Ard at